Tuesday, January 20, 2009

How to Choose the Perfect Baptism Invitation


Every moment of your child’s life is a treasure. As parents, we want to celebrate their life, their accomplishments and their moments of remembrance. Baptism is one of those events that will be carried on throughout his or her life. It’s one of those moments where family and loved ones pause and remember the miracle God has demonstrated through the little life of your child. The first step in the celebration is choosing the perfect baptism invitation to announce to friends and family, this special moment. When you’re considering which baptism invitation is best for you and your child, follow these simple steps:
1. Sit down with your spouse and create the list of friends and family to be invited. This will give you an accurate count of how many people you will be inviting. Having your spouse with you will provide a check and balance to ensure no one has been forgotten.
2. While you have your spouse with you, create a simple budget. Subtract the estimated cost of the invitations from the budget to assess how much money remains to purchase clothing, food and other expenses for the celebration.
3. Decide on the type of invitation style you want. Talk about colors, textures and other important images you want to be on the invitation. Do you want it to be pink or blue? Or do you want something more modern and trendy? This will help you when you’re browsing through catalogues. Consider how long the invitations will take to be created and delivered (this is an important step many of us forget to factor in).
4. Talk about the type of wording you want. Do you want a formal invitation, an informal or an invitation worded from your baby’s perspective? Again, this will make the selection process more enjoyable.
5. You will want to set an RSVP in a timely manner. Knowing how many people to prepare for, especially if you are having a gathering afterwards, will give you peace of mind. Also, allow two to four weeks for people to clear their calendars (basically, don’t send the invitations a week beforehand).
6. Now you’re ready to shop till you drop. You can now enjoy the fun and excitement of choosing the right baptism invitation for you and your baby.
Choosing the best baptism invitation begins with these simple steps. It is more enjoyable to browse through different styles and catalogues when you already have the groundwork of details pounded out. This is an exciting and memorable event – enjoy!

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