Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Choosing the Right Girls Birth Announcement

So, you’re having a girl? Congrats! When it comes to choosing the right girls birth announcement you might feel a bit overwhelmed and may need help and little direction on which way to turn. This article will help you organize your thoughts and steer you in the right direction. This process shouldn’t be complicated and can be enjoyed and fun!
The best place to start is to look at the nursery you’ve created. What is the main theme? What colors, accents and bedding have you chosen? These elements will help you understand the theme of your little girls first few years. It is important to stay consistent that way your friends and family will never have to play a guessing game when purchasing a gift for your girl. If your theme is butterflies with pink, brown and lavender as your colors, then stick with that color scheme on your girl’s birth announcement.
Take a good look at the bedding you chose for the crib. The bedding will say a lot about your preferences. If you chose bedding that is simple, crisp and elegant than this is the styles you should browse for the birth announcement. If you chose something more trendy, loud and childlike, then incorporate these themes.
Many times it is helpful to have a good friend look through catalogues and shop with you. After looking through hundreds of different girls birth announcements, you may have a skewed perspective. Having an objective opinion will bring great relief during the decision process. Once you’ve narrowed down the various girls birth announcements down to 5-7, have your closest friends and family vote on which one they like the best. You don’t have to go with they one everyone chose, but it will greatly help you narrow it down.
If you’re having a difficult time choosing the announcement that works for you, you can always choose a gender neutral one. There are many available that are simple and not overly flowerily or pink or girly. When all else fails, go simple. Don’t spend too much time grappling over which design fits perfect; remember you need to have fun and enjoy this process.
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