Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Choosing Your Baby's Birth Announcement

There’s a lot of confusion when it comes to the wording on a baby announcement. Many people don’t’ know where to start or what information is typically communicated. After having a baby, one of the last things you’ll be thinking about is details of what to say or where to put it. This is why you should think through all these details before you have your baby. It will bring a great deal of peace and rest to your mind if you nail some of these things down beforehand. Let’s get to it and clear up any confusion you might have.
Let’s start with the most obvious. You want to include the baby’s weight and height at birth, his or her name and the date they were born. Although these items seem obvious, many parents forget to include the baby’s name! I know it sounds far fetched but it happens more than you think.
Sometimes parents choose to not reveal the name of the newborn till a public declaration. Some want to wait to the christening or baptism in order to rejoice with their family, friends and congregants. If you choose to withhold the name of your baby simply say on the invitation, "we have chosen to reveal the name of our new baby when we gather publicly on March 6, 2009, for his christening." This lets your friends and family know to not ask about the name and gives them an explanation why.
Some secondary information that is up for debate is the time and location of the delivery. Include as much specific information as you want because it makes those receiving the baby announcement more apart of the celebration. For those who have chosen to not use a hospital for labor and delivery, don’t feel as if you can’t include the location. Many women are having babies at birthing centers and in their homes. It’s much more common than you may think.
Lastly, they way you refer to your own names should be reflective of you and your spouse. It should also reflect the personality of your family. If you’re more traditional then you should stick with, "Mr. and Mrs. Johnson are pleased to announce…" or if you’re a bit more casual you can simply state, "Lindsay and Brian want to introduce to you…"
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