Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Choosing the Right Boys Birth Announcement

Blue is the color. Everyone associates blue with boys. You may like this or your may despise it. Either way, we’re going to talk about how to choose the color scheme for your boys birth announcement. It may seem like a small detail, but after he’s born and you’re making the big statement to all your family and friends you’ll want to ensure it is exactly what you want.
If you like blue and want to incorporate it into your boys birth announcement, you can add other colors to accent and help the blue stand out. The most popular color combination is baby blue and a deep brown. This combination is very modern and gives a clean and simple feel. Blue has always been associated with calm, cool and peace therefore sending a message of quietness and serenity. The brown will boldly proclaim richness and elegance. If I could recommend two colors together for a boys birth announcement it would be baby blue and a deep brown.
Another color that is popular with baby blue is a light green. Green symbolizes new life and new beginnings so it is very appropriate. These two colors are not as popular outside of the baby world, but take a look at a few examples and you’ll soon discover that they really do work together, especially for a baby. Both shades should be a pastel to give a soft and gentle feel.
If you’re not a fan of blue, you don’t have to use it. Take a look at your baby’s room and study the color schemes you chose for him. This is a great beginning place to determine which colors you want in your announcement. You could always go with a solid background of you choosing and add a splash of color here and there or have a theme that follows the nursery. For example, if animals are the nursery theme, then use animals for your boys birth announcement. When all else fails, keep it simple. You can always use a photograph for your background and don’t have to worry about colors.
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