Monday, April 21, 2008

Starting a business!!

I am a stay at home mom and have been for 4 yrs. now. I have my oldest who is 4 in pre-school and my youngest takes a healthy 2-3 hour nap durning the day. So what's a girl to do??? Start an online business and work from home of course!! Here is where my ecommerce jouney begins.

I was referred to Pure-Ecommerce which is an ecommerce consulting company. I decided to start an online stationery business with a focus on babies such as birth announcements, photocards, ect. Very professional and knowledgable about the entire online business process. From designing a website to approaching vendors, I am being walked through every step of having my business come to light. There is nothing like having someone with so much experience walk you though every step of building a business. Pure-Ecommerce has gone above and beyond my expectations!

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  1. This is an exciting online business. Best of luck to you!! We are also working with to launch which will offer unique gifts for men (and Dads, of course).

    Jim H.