Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Enter Your Chance To Win Free Birth Announcements

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Whether this is your first baby or your second, third, or fourth, there is always advice that someone feels the need to share. We are looking for your answer to this question. Your advice may be funny, absurd, or useful. The best answer wins!

It is 3am and your baby wakes up crying. You realize he/she has pooped and needs a diaper change and you have no more diapers. What do you do?

To Enter:
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All posts will be read and judged based on what we feel is the most helpful.
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Winner may go to http://somethingaboutstationery.com/category_161/Birth-Announcements.htm to choose the 25 5x7 photo card announcement of their choice.


  1. 3 a.m. and out of diapers..... I would use a hand towel or such and pin it as a diaper with a maxi pad in the middle of it to absorb any wetness.

    However, I have had this happen before but it wasn't a massive poop diaper and we just made a quick run since we live so close to a store to get more.

  2. This has happened to my grandmother........just not at 3 a.m. She used a dishtowel as a cloth diaper until I was able to get home with the real thing. It worked.

  3. I would clean the poop, obviously, and send daddy to the store for diapers. I would wrap the baby in a towel and hold them tight until daddy got back home with the diapers. Most likely since the baby just had a poop the worst thing is he/she would pee and the towel would absorb it.

  4. For my husband it would be to rinse her off in the shower and probably wrap her back up in a shirt, probably mine. BUT I would clean her up and I am pretty crafty at sewing so I would sew a new diaper, I‘m a night owl anyways!

  5. We're cloth diapering, so none washed... First clean my baby off, take an old bath towel, cut it up for a few diapers, put a wash cloth in it, and pin it. Then put a onesie or shorts on to make sure it stays together. Next morning I'd start laundry...