Friday, August 22, 2008

WHAT..... 4 Months Til Christmas????????

I was sitting with a friend during a play date and talking about how fast this summer flew by. She said, "Can you believe Christmas is only 4 months away!" My gosh were does the time go! My partner and I have 5 active kids between us, we are starting a business, and she already has a full time job. Its no wonder the time went by in lightening speed! The time has come to gear up for the holiday season because before you know it, we will be saying where did those 4 months go!!

Here is the start of our check list:

1. Start thinking about a family picture to send out for the holidays. If you're going with a photographer you may need to reserve a date. Estelle at EZ Photography is already starting to book up. Hopefully she saves a spot for ME!!

2. Make a list of friends and family you would like to send holiday cards to so you have an idea of how many to order.

3. Start looking for the perfect holiday card or holiday photo card to send out to all your friends and family. Be sure to check out our new selection of photo cards!! We are adding more as I type!

4. Labor Day is coming up and there are usually SALES!!!! Consider doing a little holiday shopping to save a few dollars and to avoid Black Friday (I personally LOVE Black Friday). This also helps alleviate last minute shopping.

Ok, here is the list so far. I can't imagine it is complete and am sure I will be adding to it. Make your own list and if you feel I am forgetting something let me know!!

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